Gulf CV Specialists

There is no one ‘right' way to write a CV. However, having said that there are several standard formats that are considered professional by recruiters. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is advisable to use the format better suited to your work experience and your liking.

Chronological CV
This format is another name for the traditional CV format. It is the most widely recognized format used by job seekers. The work history and education details are both listed out in reverse chronological order with the most recent employment details on the top. It is a good format to be used if you have had a lot of promotions and worked with well-reputed organizations. It is ideally used by candidates who want to continue working in the same industry and want the employer to clearly see their career progression. It is also the simplest and easiest to read format.

Functional CV
This format emphasizes on your skills, core competencies or expertise. It revolves around highlighting a candidate's main achievements and job functions rather then their job titles and organization details. A snapshot of the candidates work history will be provided. It is ideal for jobseekers that have had a varied career or are seeking to change direction. This may strengthen your application if you want to draw attention to skills that haven't been used in your most recent work. It also works if you've had many varied jobs, as it allows you to sum up your overall experience and successfully conceal weak areas. However if you have had several promotions in your career and worked with several employers it might not get noticed very clearly through this format.

Combination CV
This type of CV is a combination of the ‘Chronological' and ‘Functional' formats. The idea is to highlight a candidate's core competencies without having to minimize their work history. This works best for senior managers and people working in highly specialized fields with several years of experience who are targeting a very specific job market.

Multimedia CV
This kind of format as the name suggests is most often used by talented people seeking work in the creative industries. It is only aimed at positions requiring a very high level of visual talent. It is very individual and unique. It is mostly presented on CD/DVD and not on the traditional paper. If used by other jobseekers it carries the risk of showing the candidate as grandiose.